I will explain the feeling of use etc in detail about the foundation that I can actually do using skin care.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

About skin-friendly foundation that also becomes skin care

There are many things that you can do skin care recently with a foundation. I am also using one of them, a mineral foundation, but this is made of mineral ingredients, it is an excellent one that becomes skin care just by being attached.
Since it also contains ingredients that absorb sebum and scales, it is very helpful to be able to use it regardless of the day or night, regardless of the season.
And whatever it is made of mineral ingredients, I think that being the best point is that it can be dropped with soap.
Because it is said that your skin is burdensome for cleansing, you can see that it is very gentle to your skin.

And what I thought most convenient when I started using a foundation that can also do skin care is that we can cope with the sudden visitor who dropped make-up.
If it is a foundation up to now, it took a heavy burden on your skin while you were painting, but with this foundation, you can sleep as it is painted, and during that time, skin care It is safe because it is gentle to your skin as well.
Because it also moisturizes, it will be useful even in winter and summer will absorb sebum so it's really useful.
Although it may be thought that cover power is not so much, it is likely to be not so much covering, but also hides the pores and makes the skin tone brighten at once, so there is no worry of making a thick makeup .
And we do not care about the foundation of foundation, so we can make makeup close to the skin, I think that I can highly recommend it.

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