About cosmetics such as skin care and foundation, about differences of feeling by age and about means difference

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

About cosmetics such as skin care and foundation

Depending on the age, the way of skin care seems to be different. Experience is quite different between 20's skin care and 30's. How was it when you were in your twenties. It is time to start making makeup properly. Even teens made makeup, but it is just a hobby. In her twenties it is not a hobby, it is like a duty as a woman. It is an era when most women experience work. In order to work in the workplace, it is necessary to make make-up beautifully without choosing favorite or unfavorable. At the moment, at least it is a natural trend. There is one more thing different from that in his teens. Salaries can be obtained if you work. What does that mean? All cosmetic manufacturers are launching attractive foundation and skin care products. When I was in my twenties, I bought skincare products as well as essential foundations to improve the makeup on makeup. I did not doubt that it was necessities for daily necessities. And it was something that I felt it was costly and time-consuming just by going outside with a woman.

But what about in your 30s? The situation will change. In the same way as in my twenties I will not be able to do anything. Face parts have not changed. Then what has changed? It is the skin. Elasticity disappears, smokers are even more miserable, the bare skin comes dark. It is useless to fill it up. It was just looking pretty because it had colors on young and beautiful skin. Well, are you disappointed in your 30's? That is not the case, there is no day to become young from now. It is an old age. Think of the elder people around me. Everyone is crumpled. Sometimes there are people who are shining more than young children. What a nice facial expression. It is as smiling as the sun. For example, I am able to laugh. Cosmetics and skincare can not do anything. The older you get older, the human face, that is, the facial expression can not be cheated. I think that skin care is not just about care of the skin, but also that we must live exactly.

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