Skin care is important. And it is important to choose the foundation as the basis for make-up.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Foundation of skin care and makeup

Skin care is very important.
And makeup is also important.
As foundation for makeup, there are various types of foundation.
I would like to select and use what fits my skin.
You may also choose your own preference such as feeling of use separately from the skin type.
There are various manufacturers as type, but cream, milky lotion, stick, powder, liquid, etc. are various.
Well, it will be hard to choose if it matches your skin.
First of all, you must be familiar with your skin quality. Know the skin type. Since it will become what type of foundation will fit that skin type, it is very important to know the skin type.

Well, there are others that I do not understand even if they say so.
I think that it is good to go to a counter with a beauty salon and check it with a machine etc at that time.
And I think it would be nice to have a foundation selected.
Once the foundation can be chosen, the next point is the foundation.
There is also compatibility with foundation, and choosing good ones with a lot of mint depending on the type of foundation improves the makeup of the makeup.
And at the same time skin care is also important.
No matter how good a foundation you put on rough skin, makeup of makeup is not good. From the usual care to the basic care, enrich the skin care. And I think that choosing Foundation suitable for your skin will be a nice and beautiful make-up.

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