For the foundation I am using now, I use a skin care ingredient blend, even if I use it every day I will not put a strain on my skin.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Beauty ingredients in foundation. You can do skin care at the same time.

Since last year, skin dullness, sagging, wrinkles, etc. began to worry, and I reviewed cosmetics used everyday.
Looking at it again, only things that do not understand the ingredients, I began to feel like ""I am using this everyday ..."".
I used it regardless of daily ingredients.
Because it penetrates into the skin, I have to investigate various ways, etc. by thinking so much that the burden becomes big without choosing a good one for the skin.

Now I have learned that beauty ingredients are blended in foundation as well as basic cosmetics.
Collagen, astaxanthin, vitamins and many other things that are good for your skin.
I can make skin care with foundation, I am glad for me to make up everyday.
Pores are clogged with make-up every day, a pimple is made from there, the skin is also very dry and skinny.
Since I attach a foundation under such conditions, when I see a mirror nearby, there are places that are not beautifully on my skin and it is floating.
Again the make-up collapses and the oil floating is terrible.

I am dry but in severe sebum secretion, the more you make up, the more ugly your face is.
So we immediately ordered a foundation containing beauty ingredients.
The feeling of comfortable fit with the skin is very light touch.
I felt it was heavy until now, but feeling that it contains air, I will stretch it.
In addition, even if time passes, it does not reveal, and rough skin becomes not to be bothered, and it is very felt that beauty ingredients are penetrating.
I think that I am glad that I found this item.

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