As soon as you go home with a favorite bb cream as a foundation that will cover UV rays, cleansing is skin care

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Cleansing foundation firmly for skin care

Skin care is a very worrying item for women with age.
It is hot and humid to cover the skin with clothes even though it is hot and humid this summer because of the strong days of ultraviolet rays, is not it hot? Although it is hot well, I wear gloves and sunglasses to cover the housewife who covers, but I will make it as a pretty good gyeogyeogyo.
I know I do not want to hit ultraviolet rays, but should I do that? I certainly love bb cream when I make face.
I will certainly do it when I go out to the neighborhood.
Spot is an enemy of a woman and it depends on the amount of melanin pigment, but it is covered with bb cream on a regular basis.
Cover your limbs and neck with sunscreen cream.
I also love 50 degrees instead of 30 degrees.

I want to wear a hat but I am looking for it because I have not liked it.
If you wear a hat, the hairstyle will be disturbed so what should I do, a parasol? I do not even have a little pattern I would like to devise measures when I go to an area where the sun is strong or think of a summer vacation.
I am very sad when I can make a stain on my face, and it is expensive to get the stains that I made. When I went abroad with my older sister at a time when I traveled abroad, there was stain removal and it was far cheaper than Japan, but it seems that it can not be totally taken at once.
Never try cleansing when you do foundation Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water so that makeup does not remain, and finally tighten your face with cold water.
I think that the necessity of skin care is in cleansing.

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