In addition to the functions of makeup base and foundation, BB cream has moisturizing effect and has high skin care effect.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Skin Care with BB Cream with Foundation Function

Recently, multifunctional BB cream is on sale.
BB cream There is one function of makeup foundation and foundation with one cream.
Just by applying it to your skin will make the pores inconspicuous, so those BB creams are also recommended for people who are suffering from pores and spots.
Ideal to improve pores and spots with daily skincare, BB cream has immediate effect.
Since royal jelly extract is blended, aging care can also be done.
More than 4000 yen, but it is very popular with popular items especially popular among women in their thirties and forties.
In addition to spots and pores, you can cover fine lines and dullness.
If you add a foundation to wrinkles on dry skin, wrinkles will become prominent over time.

BB cream has a moisturizing effect, so it will moist forever.
Wearing comfort is also good, you can also make beautiful three-dimensional feeling.
With this one BB cream, it is possible to finish up to skin care and base makeup.
There is not powder powdering unique to the foundation, and it adapts to the skin.
There is not too much sense of wearing foundation, there is also lightness.
For those who are busy in the morning and who want to make makeup easy, such a BB cream is recommended.
Can prevent make-up collapse, there is no need to make make-up remodeling many times. You can also choose the color that fits your skin.
Since UV protection can also be done, there is no need to turn on makeup base with UV effect.

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