Foundation with many kinds recently. Let's consider it as skin care ♪ In order to get your skin beautiful.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Foundation selection is also one of skin care! It is!

Speaking of skin care, after washing make-up such as washing face, lotion, beauty lotion etc! It is! Is it easy to think? But even when painting the foundation on your skin, your skin is also breathing, so skin care is important, is not it? So, pre-makeup batting is also important, but the sunscreen base is also important! It is! Payment Foundation, Liquid, BB Cream, Concealer, etc. etc ... Domestic overseas brands, there are quite a few kinds and numbers, so I'm lost. It is best to put something that matches yourself, rather than getting high. It is! How is Powder Foundation and Liquid different in the first place? Powder type is recommended for ordinary skin or oily skin type.
Recommended for beginners without make-up feeling, easy to make up and make up ♪ People suffering from pimples caused by pores such as sebum also have a powder foundation. On the contrary Liquid Foundation is recommended for people with dry skin ♪ Recent moisturizing power is outstanding! It is! Drying is not limited to winter, because the summer dries in the cooler! It is! Anyway Liquid Foundation has different covering power! It is! Adhesion to the skin, clarity! It is! Technique is necessary so as not to become uneven, but when you want to make it firmly it is liquid foundation recommendation.
In my case I put a little liquid on my skin as a base.
Feel to wear a little with your fingers and stretch by hand. And finish paint the powder foundation with a brush. I think that either way is a good way of making ♪ Makeup is usually a battle of skin and a sense of transparency is a game! It is!

Choosing a foundation with skin care that is not a burden to the skin is important.

But there is no point if you can not hide spots and eyelash! It is! I wonder if there are many people who think that .... For those who like it, please hide it well with strong friend named Concealer only for the hate part ♪ The other part is a foundation that will not make your skin impossible. Although the concealer will float if you make a mistake in usage, it will match with the surrounding color! It is! If you keep this alone it is a strong ally.

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