Foundation that I put on every day, I changed the way I skin care after dropping a lot better skin condition.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Change skin care and foundation

Skin care is really important.
And I think that it is a major premise to firmly drop foundation that I put on everyday.
When attaching foundation it is important to paint gently so as not to give strong skin irritation.
Because I rub your face everyday every day, I want to minimize stimulation as much as possible.
And if the skin can not breathe, it will cause dirt to get stuck in the pores and cause acne.
That is why I think that it would be better to make makeup so that it drops as soon as you get home.
I use plenty of cleansing oil without additives and drop it.
Cleansing oil should not be stingy. If you use it gently, the face will not get dirty.
Here we change a lot.

I have wiped off cleansing oil with a tissue and dropped it.
Because it differs for goods, it can not be said unconditionally, but it is the point not to drop it with water.
Then wash it with a facial cleansing cream.
When putting the foam firmly and bubbling on the face, let only the foam hit the skin so that the hands and face do not touch.
At this time absolutely do not rub your face. It rubs the skin with friction.
Then wash with lukewarm water with as weak power as possible.
What you pay attention to is to get rid of bubbles.
When washing is over, wipe off with a soft towel.
At this time as well, you should not scrape. This is my washing face.
Even if it does not wash so much, the dirt gently cleanses because it uses what falls properly.

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