If you do not thoroughly care for the skin's skin, it will be worse for foundry and other items to be used with makeup on a daily basis.

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Foundation's poorness is bad if skin care is not thoroughly done

Many women suffer from skin problems.
I am going to make it every day as well, but every time I look at the mirror I feel that I feel the skin's weakness and trouble.
In making makeup the condition of the skin becomes very important.
If the balance of oil and moisture of the skin is good, moisturizing is not properly done, it will become dry skin and if you eat only greasy things it will cause sticky skin.
So everyday skincare becomes quite important.
It is important from the time of facial cleansing, not only use of facial cleanser, milky lotion, beauty lotion but also steam and packs several times per week for washing gently after properly foaming facial cleanser It will be more effective if you use it.
I also recommend this as massage of face every day will improve lymph and blood flow and improve mucumi.

Also, with regard to the lotion it is affordable price, let it penetrate luxuriously into cotton, tightly stretch it on your skin and leave it for several minutes with lap so you can easily pack it, pack Even if it is exhausted it will be instantly made.
If you are busy or tired you may tend to skim out your skin care, but as soon as it is in a good condition skin will soon be making trouble.
Since every day accumulation is important, try to wash your skin first and try not to forget your skin care even if you are tired.
By doing so, the condition of the skin gets better, even if you make it, the nourishment of an important foundation will also improve, and it will be difficult to make the makeup collapse.

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