About how I chose the ideal foundation from among many, about the importance of skin care before painting

Importance of skin care before painting
Importance of skin care before painting

Importance of skin care before painting, how to choose foundation and how to paint

It was early March that I started selecting the foundation for the summer.
While I am circulating around, I decided whether to choose something with a lot of skin care ingredients, or put sunscreen effect on importance, I got lost, first going to the cosmetics department store department store, and for each company's summer foundation I got a sample of.
Then I fought with samples every day for about two and a half months.
I had a skin care ingredient, there was a crisp hope that there was a transparent feeling and gloss in the semi mat, sunscreen effect, and so on, we decided to lose something natural or thin Did.
Powdery foundation is wrinkle-proof. Cream type is too heavy in the summer. While doing so, I narrowed it down to the products of the two companies.
It is company C and company D.

But the real hardship started from there.
Both are good.
It's too good to choose. Now, what's the matter? Every day, I paint sample in Kawabikibo, checked every hour with a mirror. Take a picture and objectively see the skin color. Look at the make - up correcting. Look at every corner of the face using magnifying glass at night, before dropping. This is iteration.

But it is not decided. So the next action is to go to the department store with a real face first, let C company paint on the left half of face, then ask D company to paint on the right half. Beauty staff members also seemed to understand my intent, and put in a spirit and painted it.
And then I went home and stayed checked every hour, checked photos, makeups, magnifying glass and so on, I was able to make the decision at the end of the night.
The winner was Company D.
The deciding factor was that the skin looked beautiful even at the stage of dropping at night and it seemed like a waste is a waste.
Until then I did not notice, but when I painted half of my face, the difference was clear.
In this way my choice of foundation for two and half months has ended.

I think that there are various people in how to apply foundation.
Person who paints with fingers. People who use sponges. It seems that it is becoming popular to paint with a brush recently.
In addition, it separates from people who paint directly after skin care, people who make a basepaper properly on makeup base, etc.
I do skin care properly.
If you do not give moisture to your skin firmly, the spreading of the foundation will become worse.
Makeup base prevents makeup collapse.
I tried painting in various ways as well.
Your fingers are not bad, but first your fingers get dirty.
In addition, small nose, small parts around the mouth is difficult to paint, pores are conspicuous in the nose.
Brushes are difficult for amateurs.
It tends to be thick, when I first used a brush, it looks like a white paint of kabuki.
Even when thinly applied, it is easy to make unevenness, and it was finished with a sponge.
My conclusion is sponge.
Can be painted thick or thin, even fine parts will not become uneven. Because it has good spreadability, both of foundation are less.
You do not need a concealer if you strike your sponge with a sponge. Because the make-up sponge is sold at a drug store in a large bag, it can be used comfortably.
This is recommended.

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